The Lasts but not the Worsts

celtic-raven-knot-little-bunny-sunshineAccording to statistics, in the US and EU carriers of acute porphyrias are about 1 on 10,000 PEOPLE.
Therefore, in the World porphyrias’ carriers are not less than 60,000, of which about 20,000 have suffered from one acute attack and at least 6,000 live with exacerbations and recurrent attacks.

The remaining 40,000 are not symptomatic, if not occasionally.

In Italy the forecast is about 6,000 carriers.
So, in a region like Lombardy should be expected 1,000 acarriers and about 500 each in Lazio, Campania and Sicily – without taking account of the Normans for increasing and Catholic persecution against ‘The Daemonhosts’ for decreasing..

And we should have in Italy not less than 500 patients suffering from recurrent crisis and in need of glucose infusions or heme medication at least once a year.

Well to remember that the World Statistics report also that diagnostic confirmation arrives AFTER 7-odd years since the first acute event (and potentially lethal), at least one heavy threated psychiatric patient is a carrier of porphyria exacerbated by wrong therapies, there is a correlation between deaths for acute abdomen or laparoscopic emergency and unrecognized porphyrias.

Do you know what this means?
That our life expectancy is directly related to the visibility and the ability to connect us to spread knowledge between doctors and adequate standards by burocracy.

Stay alive.
We are the Lasts but not the Worsts.


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