Hi, I am Tonio Gt, an active carrier of AIP and a chemist.

I collected a lot of infos on Porphyrias, spreaded on Internet without a classification, but  essential for a carrier.  and to spread those infos easily.

I tried to collect to (re)find those infos easily. Expecially because my experience in groups and forums  led me to the conclusion that questions and misunderstandings are always the same as always more or less the same information are repeated, partly because the various specialized sites differently emphasize different aspects or the explanations are too much / little professionals or, vice versa, understandable by many.

Special thanks to the dr.Paolo Ventura MD in Modena and to dr. Annelise Macrì in Rome (Italy) for their outstanding contribution to the knowledge of the disease and for the great support given to the carriers. Special thanks too Tony, Karen, Amy, Desiree, Aletta, Lila and others for what they do for all of us connecting people and giving visibility.  Hugs to Emma and the other young carriers for the force with which they face our fate.

For any question, scroll – please – to the bottom of this page and read the disclaimers.

Have a nice trip.