About anesthetics & pain killers

NAPOS drugs database for acute porphyria, which contains some degree of uncertainty, is meant as guidance to health care professionals.

It must be made clear that the prescription of drugs to a patient with acute porphyria is entirely at the risk of the physician in charge.
As it must be made clear to avoid the use of drugs without the advice and the prescription of a medical professional, to whom you have always to refer.

The Swedish Porphyria Centre, the Norwegian Porphyria Centre (NAPOS), and the staff in these centres, accept no responsibility for any error, difference of opinion or any adverse consequences arising from or occasioned by the use of information published on this website.

Anyway, NAPOS is the most upgraded reference.

Just as example, thereby encouraging you to consult NAPOS, here is a table with thetranscription and the translation in Italian language on anestethics and analgesics at November 2012.