Maltodextrins: how easy intake sugar

Do you have to intake many many carbohydrates?

One tablespoon of maltodextrin in half a glass of water during meals and … it’s done!


Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive.
It is produced from starch by partial hydrolysis and is usually found as a white hygroscopic spray-dried powder.

Maltodextrin is easily digestible, being absorbed as rapidly as glucose and might be either moderately sweet or almost flavorless. It is commonly  an ingredient in a variety of processed foods and usually used for the production of soft drinks and candies, like those you drink /eat to hire carbohydrates to prevent porphyria.

It is also used in some snacks such as potato chips and jerky, in “light” peanut butter to reduce the fat content, but keep the texture. Maltodextrin is also sometimes taken as a sugar supplement by athletes in powder form or in gel packets.

Maltodextrin is used as an inexpensive additive to thicken food products such as infant formula. It is also used as a filler in sugar substitutes and other products.

Maltodextrin has an high glycemic index ranging from 85 to 105.